Reading the Lips of the Vice Presidential Candidates

A lip reader tells INSIDE EDITION what the Vice Presidential candidates were saying when the mics were not on.

What did Vice President Joe Biden and candidate Paul Ryan say right after the debate when their families met for the first time?

INSIDE EDITION asked expert lip reader Larry Wenig to take a closer look. Wenig is hearing impaired so his lip reading skills are finely tuned.

When Vice President Joe Biden got a big hug from his daughter Ashley, she said “I'm so proud of you.”

Then, Biden greeted Paul Ryan’s 78-year-old mom, Betty.

He said, “Hi mom, how are you?”

Viewers may have noticed that Biden spent a long time chatting with Ryan’s wife, Janna, so what were they talking about?

Our lip reader believes the Vice President was asking Janna how she was finding life on the campaign trail.

She said, “Our families support each other, it's not so bad.”

But it was Paul Ryan’s kids who stole the show. Eight-year-old Charlie buddied up to Biden.

“Hey man, you got a great dad,” said Biden to Charlie. Paul Ryan then looked at his watch and said, “Its way past his bedtime.”

When the Ryan kids started goofing around in the candidates chairs, dad stepped in.

He said, “That's enough, come on lets go.”

And despite the bruising debate, the final exchange between the two men was very civil.

Ryan said to Joe Biden, “It was an honor, I enjoyed it. Take care.”

INSIDE EDITION found the Ryan family Friday morning. After a very late night, mom and dad treated the kids to a pancake breakfast.