Dallas Mavericks Dancers Show Off Their New Skimpy Uniforms

Skimpy outfits are nothing new to cheerleading, but some are saying the Dallas Mavericks' squad is going too far. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

They're the cheerleaders whose skimpy new outfits are causing an uproar—the Dallas Mavericks dancers just introduced new uniforms—a revealing top, connected to a mini-skirt by a narrow strap.

But the outfits are getting some people hot under the collar.

One sports website says the girls are "Pretty much naked at this point."

The Huffington Post calls the lower half, "A washcloth doing its best impression of a skirt," and says the outfits are "Like leftover Britney Spears tour costumes."

INSIDE EDITION got exclusive behind-the scenes access as the dancers rehearsed.

Mallory Mills is the dancers' director. A former Mavericks cheerleader herself, she designed the outfits. She says she doesn't see what all the fuss is about.

"It shows no more than any other uniform we've had in the past," Mills said.

Most of the Maverick’s fans told INSIDE EDITION that they thought the dancers' new outfit is slam dunk.

"Every cheerleader uniform is skimpy," said one fan.

"If I looked like that, I'd be wearing that too," said another.

There were some "no" votes.

"I think it's skimpier than it needs to be," said a fan.

Overall, it's a home-court victory for the Mavericks dancers.