Lindsay Lohan's Nightclub Foe Has a Past of Her Own

INSIDE EDITION is learning more about the woman Lindsay Lohan allegedly punched in a nightclub. Is she really a psychic?

Tiffany Eve Mitchell is the mystery woman who claims Lindsay Lohan socked her in a Manhattan nightclub, triggering the troubled star's arrest.

Now, INSIDE EDITION is learning Mitchell has a colorful and controversial past of her own.

Mitchell and her husband, Wayne Stevens, recently moved from tony Palm Beach, Florida, to an apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Her husband says they want to spend the winter in New York City.

The 28-year-old mother of two works as a psychic. She had three storefront businesses, including one called Psychic Visions, and she left behind some very vocal and unhappy clients.

One client called her, "A fraud and a fake," on an Internet site.

Another called her, "So phony."

In 2010, a former client complained on a business-rating site that Mitchell demanded $2,500 to "cleanse her aura," or her marriage might break up.

Jose Lambiet, publisher of Gossip Extra spoke to INSIDE EDITION via Skype.

"She actually would come out sometimes and try to talk to passers-by, talk them into coming in. One person that she told, 'Hey, you've got this cloud of negativity around you and I can see it. If you come in here we can take care of it,'" Lambiet said.

Court papers obtained by INSIDE EDITION show her former landlord sued her in 2010 for $155,000 in unpaid rent. She settled for $12,000.

And in 2007, she was even declared indigent, flat broke, by a judge after she claimed she couldn't pay a $100 traffic ticket.

Now, she's at the center of one of the biggest celebrity stories of the year.