Runaway Mom Left Family to Start a New Life in Miami

Runaway mom Tiffany Tehan was located at a motel in Miami Beach with 42-year-old Tre Hutcherson. She reportedly told police she left her husband and baby daughter so she could start a new life with her boyfriend. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Runaway mom Tiffany Tehan is alive and well. She was in Miami Beach, Florida with apparent boyfriend Tre Hutcherson.

She told police she was there "to start a new life" without her husband and one-year-old daughter Lexi.

Incredibly, her husband says he forgives her.

"She may have made some mistakes, but everyone does," said Tehan's husband David. He said he spoke to her by phone after she revealed to her family that she was staying at a motel in Florida. "She is fine. She is doing well."

Tehan's father, a church pastor, also said he was relieved.

"Quite frankly, our hearts are just filled with joy that she's safe, we are just so excited about that," said Chuck Tabor.

The 31-year-old vanished on April 17th, triggering a nationwide search. Police feared she had been abducted when they found her SUV abandoned.

But convenience store surveillance video surfaced which showed her with another man, Tre Hutcherson, for weeks before her disappearance.

"There may be issues to work through but she's okay, that's the point," said her father.

Hutcherson is also married, but it seems his wife is not as forgiving as Tehan's husband. She reportedly now says she is planning to divorce him.