Woman Receives Facetime Facelift

When a woman tried video chatting on her new phone, she was so mortified by her appearance on camera that she went under the knife for what's being called a "Facetime Facelift." INSIDE EDITION caught up with the woman.

Carol hated the way she looked when she video chats so much that she got plastic surgery.

"I don't like the way the lines in my face look, it looks like I’m frowning, and [another] part of my face has fallen down," Carol said before her transformation.

Like millions of other Americans, Carol could hardly wait to use the exciting new iPhone Facetime app, which allows you to video-chat with other iPhone users. That is, until she saw herself on the high definition camera.

"I was shocked,” Carol said.

So the 57-year-old nurse decided to go under the knife. She headed to a plastic surgeon in northern Virginia who is offering a "Facetime facelift,” a medical procedure created to improve the way you look while video chatting.

Dr. Robert Sigal said, "People tend to look down into their chatting device, and all of this tissue becomes accentuated."

Dr. Sigal has been swamped with requests for the procedure since the iPhone came out.

First, he extracts fat from Carol's abdomen, then injects it into her forehead, cheeks, and lips to fill in the wrinkles. Then he does liposuction under the chin to clean up the sagging neckline.

The procedure takes about two hours, and leaves no visible scarring under the jaw, so no one will see the scar on the video camera.

After the surgery, Carol's face is a swollen mess.

But, two weeks later the transformation is apparent.

"You look really good," one of Carol's friends said.

"I know. It's only been two-and-a-half weeks. I look great,” Carol said.

There’s quite a difference between how Carol looked before, and how she looks now.

"I look wonderful. I look 15 years younger, and I feel better too," Carol said.