Hillary Clinton Under Close Medical Supervision After Blood Clot Found In Her Head

Doctors are keeping a close eye on Hillary Clinton after finding a blood clot in her head. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Hillary Clinton has emerged for the first time since her alarming medical crisis.

A pale but smiling Hillary left the hospital Wednesday afternoon after three nights of treatment for that dangerous blood clot near her brain.

Chelsea Clinton was by her mom's side as she walked out of New York Presbyterian Hospital without assistance, wearing sunglasses and a long coat.

Former President Bill Clinton followed, flashing a smile to photographers.

The Clintons got into a black GMC van driven by the Secret Service.  The windows were blacked out, but a photographer was able to take a photo through the windshield of Hillary smiling in the backseat.

Doctors have been treating Hillary with blood thinners and monitoring her every move.

INSIDE EDITION spoke with ABC News' Chief Health and Medical Editor, Dr. Richard Besser.

Dr. Besser told INSIDE EDITION, "This type of blood clot can be very, very dangerous. There are two things you worry about with this type of clot. If it had broken off and gone back to her heart, it could have lodged in her lungs and that can be fatal. The other thing that could have happened is, the clot could have  gotten larger, extending into the large vein that goes over the top of the brain. If that happens, it increases the pressure in your skull and that can cause a stroke and be deadly."

Besser says, all Americans can learn from Hillary's health crisis.

"Look for the worst headache you've ever had. Any kind of neurological problemany difficulty with your speech, any double vision, any unsteadiness or weakness in an arm or a leg, that is a medical emergency. Call 911 and get checked out right away," said Dr. Besser.