Teen Mom Star Waxes Toddler's Eyebrows

Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham caused an uproar after she said she announced she was waxing and plucking her daughters eyebrows. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

TV star, Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom is under fire for waxing and tweezing her three-year-old daughter's eyebrows.

Abraham wrote on her blog that she couldn't ignore little Sophia’s "unibrow" any longer. She wrote, "I told Sophia of the little issue on her brow. I showed her how I waxed mine off so I tried to wax her."

But the three-year-was too squirmy, so Abraham used tweezers instead.

"Sophia fell asleep, I got my tweezers and pluck, pluck, pluck," she wrote.

Her blog followers reacted in horror.

One said, "Is this a joke? You attempted to wax your three year old's unibrow?! Wow!"

Another wrote, "Farrah, this truly appalls me! What were you thinking?"

A scene of a five-year-old getting her eyebrows waxed caused an uproar when it aired on the TLC show Toddlers and Tiara's.

Abraham, who has had extensive plastic surgery: breast implants, a chin implant and a nose job, says little Sophia didn't feel a thing. However, some critics say waxing her eyebrows at such a young age could damage her self esteem.

One said, "You’re teaching your daughter at 3 to be self conscious!"

"Clearly, you still have a lot of growing up to do," said another.

But this teen mom has no regrets tweeting, "I feel like a good mom :)"