Pediatrician Murdered By Exterminator In Her Home

A female pediatrician was allegedly strangled and set on fire by an exterminator she hired. INSIDE EDITION has what you need to know to protect yourself from workers in your home.

It's the murder shocking the nation. A beautiful pediatrician, who cops say was brutally strangled by the exterminator she hired to work at her house.

Surveillance video shows Dr. Melissa Ketunuti heading to her home. A moment later, her exterminator, Jason Smith, follows.

Police say, inside the pediatrician's Philadelphia home she and the exterminator argued about the rodent problem in her basement.

He thought she was "belittling" him, and in a fit of rage, he allegedly strangled her and set her body on fire.

It's a dilemma faced by women everywhere. What do you if a worker turns on you in your own home? INSIDE EDITION asked security expert Steve Kardian to give us life-saving tips.

Kardian said, "If possible, have someone there. Have someone plan it around that person being there with you so that there's a second person in the residence."

One rule: make a simple phone call in front of the worker. It may sound rude, but it could deter him from going on the attack.

Kardian said, "Tell your girlfriend ABC plumbing is here. Or say that my husband will be home in five minutes. Have the expectation that someone else will be there within a short period of time. Even take a photo of that individual and text it to a friend."

Having pepper spray at the ready is also a good idea.
In the Philadelphia case, the surveillance video also shows the exterminator leaving the murder scene. He drove away in his pickup truck.     

Chillingly, he drove straight to another house call, leaving behind the body of an accomplished young woman who unknowingly hired the man accused of killing her in her own home. 

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