Cissy Houston Opens Up About Whitney

After losing her daughter nearly a year ago, Cissy Houston is speaking about Whitney and her legacy. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Cissy Houston is talking about the death of her superstar daughter, Whitney, who was found dead in a hotel bathtub almost a year ago.

"I loved her. She was wonderful, and i'm very proud of her accomplishments," said Cissy.

Samantha Guthrie said, "You must miss her terribly."

"I miss her more than I can say," Cissy said.

Cissy appeared on the Today show to promote her new book, Remembering Whitney.

She denies reports that she had a strained relationship with Whitney, and she says she does not blame Whitney’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown, for her daughter's fate.

Guthrie said, "You say, you don't blame him, but you are not sure he helped her."

Cissy said, "I know he didn't help her. I know that. Everybody is responsible for their own actions, up to a point."