6 Newborn Squirrels Rescued After Losing Their Tree and Parents

The tiny rodents fought off dogs when they lost their habitat to deforestation.

After their lives were turned upside down by deforestation and habitat loss, six tiny squirrels are on their way to recovery at a Polish rehabilitation center.

Veterinarians and volunteers at the Rehabilitation Centre for Protected Animals in Przemysl are working hard to help the little rodents gain weight and get healthy.

The newborn squirrels lost their nest when their tree was cut down, and they fought to survive when their parents died. They even came under attack by dogs in the forest.

While Jakub Kotowicz, the vice-head of the facility, said the facility doesn't generally encourage people to intervene in wildlife, these squirrels desperately needed help.

"In the case of these squirrels there was an indication for intervention,” Kotowicz told Eurovision. “They would not survive without us, they would not manage it by themselves.”

The veterinarians hope to return the squirrels to their natural environment once they are healthy.