6 Sets of Texas Twins Play Basketball at Same High School

The 12 siblings say being twins improves their game.

A Texas high school has six — yes, six — sets of twins on its basketball teams.

The 12 siblings play hoops for the boys and girls squads at Splendora High.

Even more out of the ordinary is the fact that both coaches have a set of twins on the court. Oscar Kendall, the girls head coach, has twin sisters Ryan and Erin. Jason Vela, the boys head coach, has a boy and a girl set.

"This is crazy," said junior forward Ryan Kendall. "I've never gone to school with this many twins."

Jannet and Jaquelin Reyes, 15-year-old identical twins and junior varsity point guards, say their genetic bond helps them on the court. "We just give each other a look and we know what we're doing," said Jaquelin.

Zoe and Maci Surber are 14-year-old identical twins and junior varsity guards. "We normally look alike when we're on the court, so it's hard for the other team to tell the difference," said one of the girls.

Kendall said it can be confusing having identical twins playing at the same time. "There [have] been some scenarios when a player does [something] ... and the ref has to do a double-take, he has to double-check the number."

Seniors Shayla and Shelby Keck plan to go to college after they graduate. "We know how to finish each other's sentences," said Shelby. "We're each other's best friend, and we encourage each other in basketball."