Virginia Man Calls Police After He Was Fouled During a Basketball Game


The game continued after the incident.

A Virginia man wasn’t pleased about being fouled in a game of pickup basketball — so he called the cops.

It was reportedly a friendly game at an LA Fitness on Monday in Dulles Town Center but one man allegedly called police when he was blocked by an opposing player, causing him to fall to the ground

A witness told Fox 5 the man who fell was upset and told the man who fouled him that he was calling authorities. 

The witness, who hasn’t been named, took to Twitter to reveal the bizarre incident.

"Today for the first time in my life ... I experienced someone call the police because they got fouled hard in basketball,” he wrote in a post that has now gone viral. 

The man who committed the foul claimed it wasn’t malicious and the witness thought the guy who said he was calling police was joking, but that wasn’t the case.

Police said they hadn't ever received a call of that nature and thought they were responding to a fight. 

Neither man filed a report after the incident and the game continued, reports said.

"For this situation specifically, if you think you were truly assaulted in a pick up basketball game because of an aggressive screen you probably should try another sport," a witness told