Critics Up in Arms Over Flagrant Foul at High School Basketball Game: 'Dirtiest Play I've Ever Seen'

The player was pushed from behind as he jumped up for a dunk, drawing the attention of many, including NBA star Dwyane Wade.

The high school basketball player who was viciously fouled during a game over the weekend says he couldn't feel his legs in the moments after he was violently pushed by an opposing player. 

It all started as Hanover High School's Thomas Atkins went up for a dunk during the game against Centralia High School in Hays, Kan., Saturday. While in midair, he was shoved him from behind with both hands from an opposing player and sent flying. 

"It hurt really bad," Atkins told Inside Edition. "I couldn't feel my legs at first. I was in shock."

The referee called a flagrant foul, but the opposing player was allowed to stay in the game. 

The clip of the incident has gone viral with many weighing in.

"Maybe the dirtiest play I've ever seen,” former ESPN personality Jemele Hill tweeted. 

Also on Twitter, NBA star Dwyane Wade called the play "heartless."

Atkins' parents, Teresa and Chris, said they were terrified as they watched the incident unfold.  

“I was terrified, all I could think was, 'I need to get to my baby who was laying on the floor,'" his mother said. 

Despite the scary moment, Atkins was able return to the game, and he said the opposing player who shoved him apologized in person the next day.

Atkins' team, Hanover, won the game which was a Class 1A semifinal, and will play in the state final later this month.