6-Year-Old Calls 911 When Her Barbies Go Missing

“Hello, some of my toys are missing,” Addie Cooper told the operator.

Addie Cooper, 6, called 911 for a true kid emergency — her toys were missing!

The little girl dialed for help while her mom, Liz, was in the shower. 

“Hello, some of my toys are missing,” Addie said.

“What toys are you missing, sweetheart?” the 911 operator asked. 

“My Barbies and my baby shark toys,” Addie responded. 

“I think a bandit stole them. Will you find them?” she asked. 

Addie and her mom, Liz, spoke to Inside Edition, and Liz revealed what really happened to the toys — she had donated them to a thrift store.

It turns out, mom was the bandit! But she also bought Addie lots of new toys, including a Barbie.

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