Did Savannah Guthrie Give Matt Lauer The Finger?

More drama for the Today show as viewers reported seeing Savannah Guthrie giving Matt Lauer the finger on TV, but Guthrie says it wasn't so. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Did Savannah Guthrie really give Matt Lauer the finger?

The question took the internet by storm moments after an incident on the Today show Friday.

It happened as the morning show's co-hosts tested a vacuum cleaner for a segment on products sold on TV infomercials. Guthrie couldn't get her vacuum to work, prompting a wisecrack from Matt Lauer.

"By the way, first time Savannah has ever vacuumed," said Lauer.

Then came the controversial hand gesture and the Twittersphere blew up.

"Pretty sure I just saw Savannah give Matt Lauer the finger," tweeted one viewer.

"I was drinking my coffee and caught [Savannah Guthrie] giving Matt Lauer the finger," tweeted another.

Shortly after she wrapped the show, Guthrie took to Twitter to defend herself: "Folks!! That was my index finger!"

She even tweeted a freeze-frame of the moment: "Okay here's our screen grab for all you doubters!!"

But some called Guthrie's proof "inconclusive!"

So, did she or didn't she? INSIDE EDITION got opinions from people on the street.

One woman said, "That was a gesture. A definite gesture."

"I don't think it was the middle finger," said one man.

But another woman said, "I think she gave him the finger. That's what it looks like."

INSIDE EDITION is putting the controversy to rest. When we examined Guthrie's hand gesture, it was clear. She's pointing with her index finger, not flipping the bird.

Meanwhile, Lauer laughed off the controversy, tweeting a photo with the caption: "Me storming out of the office after your middle finger salute."