Tom Cruise Interacts with Fans at "Oblivion" Premiere

Box office heavyweight Tom Cruise took plenty of time to engage with his fans at the premiere of Oblivion in Hollywood. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the star.

Tom Cruise is back and he clearly wants to please his fans.

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Cruise arrived two hours early for the premiere of his new sci-fi thriller Oblivion.  He greeted nearly every fan, posing for pictures and signing autographs.

Cruise even said "Hi" to Bible producer Mark Burnett who brought his son.

The superstar looked retro cool in a grey turtleneck and suit and came to the premiere alone.

"I just love sci-fi—it's just a cool genre," Cruise said.

Oblivion co-stars Morgan Freeman and Ukranian hottie Olga Kurylenko, were also in attendance.

The movie takes place 60 years after aliens nuke the Earth. It's action packed, and, once again, Cruise did a lot of his own stunts.

"I had no injuries, luckily, but it was very physical. The action was cool and different," Cruise said.

So, what would Cruise do if he had just just one day left on Earth?

He said, "I don't know, have a good party."