Lindsay Lohan Nearly Misses Premiere Of "Scary Movie 5"

The premiere of Scary Movie 5 almost went off without Lindsay Lohan, who arrived late. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the stars on the red carpet.

Lindsay Lohan was late again. She was the last to show up for the premiere of Scary Movie 5.

Lindsay, her hair in braids, wore a form fitting Dolce and Gabbana black dress and even got a kiss on the cheek from her buddy Charlie Sheen.

Apparently there are no hard feelings after Sheen dissed her. He spoke with Jay Leno about her tardiness when she guest starred on Anger Management.

Leno asked, “Was she late quite a bit?”

Sheen replied, “Not on day one.”

Co-star Jerry O'Connell was excited to see them together and getting along.

O’Connell said, “Charlie and Lindsay, they're like our William and Kate.”

Ashley Tisdale wowed the crowd in this sparkly black gown with slits all the way up to there.

51-year-old Heather Locklear looked gorgeous in a beige and white mini-dress and her daughter, Ava, is all grown up. They almost look like sisters.

But all eyes were on Charlie and Lindsay.