The Best Time To Get The Best Deals

Spring is in the air which means it's time to shop! INSIDE EDITION reports on why some of the best deals of the year are happening now.

From swimsuits, to chocolate, to backyard grills, there are some great deals out there.

Mario Armstrong, tech expert at Staples, says, There are a lot of sales in the Spring and it's a great time because it's tax season. People are getting their money back. The retailers know this, the manufacturers know it, and they want to get some of that money, so they're giving you great deals to to spend your money."

Over at Staples, the Kindle Fire HD is marked way down.

Armstrong says, "For the Kindle Fire HD 8 inch size, normally that device cost $369, it's now going to drop down to $299, saving you about 70 bucks."

At Home Depot, prices are also being slashed. They're hoping with Spring in the air, you'll be spending more time in the garden. So they're offering deep discounts on flowers.

INSIDE EDITION'S Diane McInerney says, "Now is also the best time to buy jewelry. Here at Danielle B Jewelry store in Manhattan, they say if you wait until May, prices are sure to go up before Mother's Day."

And who wouldn't want a great deal on chocolate?

Jennifer Matthews of Vosges Chocolate tells us,  "Amazing crispy carrot bunnies, 50% off!"

Check out what we found at Vosges Chocolate Shop in New York City.  All those bunnies leftover after Easter make gourmet chocolate a steal this time of year.

Matthews continues, "Now is a great time to buy our chocolate, because it's right after Easter and everything is 50% off."

Spring is also the time clothing retailers stock up, which means great deals for you, especially on swimsuits, which are overstocked.

Ilene Sofferman, store manager at Canyon Beachwear says,  "Now is the best time to get a great swimsuit cause all the styles are in. If you wait all of those will be sold out."