Ex-Fiancèe of Jason Collins On The Wedding That Never Was

Basketball star Jason Collins coming out as gay came as a surprise to just about everyone, including his ex-fiancèe. INSIDE EDITION speaks to Carolyn Moos about her wedding that never was.

Carolyn Moos spoke out about her shattered dream wedding to basketball star Jason Collins, who just stunned America by revealing he is gay.

"I was in a relationship with him for eight years, not knowing who he really was," she said.

Moos met Collins when they were both students at Stanford University. At 6'5", she's a gifted athlete herself.

They dated for eight years and were going to be married at the romantic Four Seasons resort in Santa Barbara in 2009. They were to marry on August 8th.

"Pretty much everything was completed. We had a venue, we did the tastings, we had food. Actually all the invites were out, all the RSVPs were almost in," she said.

Then Moos got the shock of her life when Collins called off the engagement just weeks before the wedding.

She said, "That was hard, obviously. We have a lot of friends, mutual friends, from Stanford. Letting people know was a difficult process."

She still has her handmade wedding dress.

"My dress was made. I still have my dress. It's beautiful. It'll be worn someday!" Moos said.

INSIDE EDITION asked Moos, "Do you feel in any way betrayed, do you feel like you wasted eight years? Do you feel, what happened?"

"Do I feel that my life would have changed forever had I known? Absolutely. That's the biggest message I want to give people, is be comfortable sharing the honest truth," she said.

Moos never knew the real reason why Collins called off their dream weddiing. Then, last weekend, she got a dramatic phone call from him.

"It shouldn't take eight years. It shouldn't take up until 33 years of your life to be comfortable coming forward and finding out who are you," she said.

Moos' heartbreaking experience isn't unique. Kiri Blakeley dated a man for ten years before he confessed he was gay.

"She said she was completely and totally shocked, and I absolutely believe it. I know the first question she got, which was the first question I got, is 'Didn't you know?" or, "Couldn't you tell?" and the answer is no," she said.

Moos, now a personal trainer, is still only 34 and said she's focusing on her future.

"I still have time to have children. I still have time to be married. I still have time to make happen the things I can make happen because that wasn't taken away from me," she said.