Cleveland Kidnap Victims Return Home After 10 Years

Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight returned to their homes after their horrifying decade-long kidnapping nightmare came to end. INSIDE EDITION reports from Cleveland.

Amanda Berry comes home.

It was a joyous scene as Amanda arrived in a van at her family's Cleveland home, decorated with a joyous "Welcome Home Amanda" banner and balloons. 

Amanda's van parked in the backyard. A helicopter shot showed a child, believed to be Amanda's daughter being carried inside, followed by Amanda in a yellow hoodie.

Her sister, Beth emerged to read a brief statement to a crush of reporters, the first words from brave Amanda to America:

"We appreciate all you have done for us throughout the past 10 years. Please respect our privacy until we are ready to make our statements. Thank you."

Gina DeJesus also arrived home today, wearing a yellow and helped by a family friend. She raised her right arm and gave her waiting supporters a big thumbs up.

It's something Amanda's grandmother, Fern Gentry feared would never happen. Gentry fought back tears at her Tennessee home as she spoke to Amanda for the first time since she disappeared.

"I'm glad to have you back," said Gentry.

"Yeah. I'm glad to be back," said Amanda.

"I thought you were gone," said Gentry.

"Nope, I'm here," replied Amanda.

"I love you honey, thank God."

"I love you too," said Amanda.

"I thought about you all this time. I never forgot you."

Amanda sounded much calmer than she did in that riveting 911 call when she said, "I've been kidnapped and I've been missing for 10 years and I'm here. I'm free now."

And there was the moment when grandma Fern asks about Amanda's daughter.

"The little girl is your baby?" she asked.

Amanda answered, "Yeah, she's my daughter. Born on Christmas."

We're now learning the six-year-old's name is Jocelyn and Amanda was home schooling her inside that house of horrors in Cleveland.

Jocelyn's father is believed to be Amanda's kidnapper, Arial Castro, who is suspected with his two brothers Castro brothers of committing the crime that has shocked the nation.

There are now disturbing new details about what went on inside the house on Seymour Avenue. Police say they was a series of ropes and chains in the padlocked basement, and the women were sometimes kept chained to a wall like some kind of perverted trophy.  

They were kept in separate rooms, and the suspected kidnapper Ariel Castro would reportedly play some sort of sick and twisted game. He would pretend to leave the house and if anyone tried to escape, he would beat them mercilessly. That's one of the reasons why the victims were afraid to run away.  

One neighbor told CNN that she saw a naked woman in the backyard of the house two years ago. "We thought that was weird, so we called the cops."

"Then what happened?" asked a CNN reporter.

"They thought we were playing, and joking," replied the neighbor.

The first photo of Michelle Knight has been released. She was the first to vanish 11 years ago. Knight is still hospitalized because she reportedly suffered hearing damage and facial injuries from years of beatings.  

Knight's mother, Barbara says she filed a police report back in 2002 when she went missing, but because her daughter was 20 at the time, authorities didn't take it very seriously.

"They told me that maybe she didn't want anything to do with me. But in my heart I thought, no. Because I know my Michelle, " said Barbara.

Now, Gina, Michelle, Amanda and her daughter are free, and the whole country is celebrating.