67-Year-Old Man Who Won Half of Powerball Jackpot Has Been Playing Same Numbers for 25 Years

Robert Bailey of Harlem, New York, said a family member gave him the numbers a quarter of a century ago.

A Harlem, New York, man was identified as the winner of New York State’s largest lottery jackpot on Wednesday.

Robert Bailey, 67, who won over $340 million in last month’s Powerball drawing, said he will take his winnings in a lump sum. That means that after taxes, he's bringing home over $125 million

Bailey, who spoke at a press conference Wednesday, is single and retired. He has children, but said he didn't want to say how many or name them because of his concerns for privacy.

When he first realized he won, Bailey said he didn’t call anyone. 

“I tried to remain calm and sat down and watch some shows I had on my DVR,” he said. “I didn’t sleep the rest of the night.”

He waited until morning, then phoned a lawyer and a financial adviser before notifying the lottery officials.     

He's been "faithfully" playing the same five numbers for more than 25 years and doesn't plan to stop. 

"I will continue playing my numbers until this train runs out!" he said, adding that he played the same numbers on the way to pick up his check Wednesday. 

The other half of the jackpot went to a grandmother in Iowa, who claimed her share last week.