Group of Nurses Win $1 Million Lottery Prize

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The group of 10 nurses bought more than 50 tickets for the Oct. 23 drawing.

This won’t hurt a bit!

A group of 10 emergency room nurses from Michigan won $1 million after buying more than 50 tickets for the Oct. 23 Mega Millions drawing, according to

Nicki Widley, who represents the bunch, told the newspaper it was their third time playing together.

"People who play in groups always seem to win, and we've got a great group, so maybe we'll be back to claim the jackpot some day!" Widley said.

The nurses matched all five white numbers drawn, 05-28-62-65-70, to win the prize. Each nurse will take home $100,000 before taxes.

"Everyone was really excited to win," added Widley.