Mega Millions Jackpot Hits $1 Billion: What to Do if You Win

The first rule of winning the lotto is don’t tell anyone you've won the lotto.

It is officially Mega Millions mania as the jackpot for Friday’s drawing has hit a staggering $1 billion.

Across the nation, people are lining up to buy lottery tickets for the second-largest drawing in American history. 

If you happen to win the massive payout, one expert recommends keeping your mouth shut. 

“First thing you do is stay quiet," Attorney Jason Kurland, who advises big-bucks lottery winners, told Inside Edition. "Don't tell your friends, don't tell your family. You have a couple of weeks before you come forward to the world. You need that time to be in the right mindset. You don't need people knocking on your door asking for handouts before you even have the money." 

Kurland also says you should make sure you sign your winning ticket right away.

“If that's not signed and God forbid you lose it, and someone else signs it and brings it in, it's their ticket," he said. 

When faced with the choice of the annual payment or lump sum, he advises going for the latter, which he calls the better long-term option. 

“Invest in yourself rather than having the lottery pay you every year.”