A Man's Home Is His Castle For Doomsday

INSIDE EDITION spoke to one family starring in a new reality show chronicling their doomsday preparations.

Brent is building a castle so his family will have a safe place to ride out what he believes are dangerous times ahead.

Brent is a "Doomsday Prepper.” He and five of his 10 children appear on the Nat Geo Channel's  show, Doomsday Castle.

Brent told INSIDE EDITION, “I said if I was going to make something, let's make something that will last a really long time. For thousands of years the castle was the most dependable.”

Construction is in the early stages. The cinder blocks are up. Underneath is an underground bunker they hope will keep them safe until the fortified castle is completed.

He said, “It's 12-inch-thick poured concrete walls, reinforced steel, and the roof is eight-feet-thick.”

For security reasons, Brent doesn’t want his last name used or the location of the bunker. He has three daughters who are working by his side at the castle to prepare for Armageddon.

One of his daughters said, “I am totally on board with my dad's theory. I 100 percent think something is going to happen.”

He's giving them military-style training just in case the castle comes under siege. He even had friends launch a mock attack on his kids.

His son, Michael, believes they will have to fight off people who want to breach the castle  

Michael said, “We are protecting ourselves from anyone outside the castle.”

Not everyone in the family is buying into dad's theory that the end is near.

One of his kids said, “I think he is absolutely crazy.”

They just finished installing the steel-fortified front door and tested it with a makeshift battering ram.

Brent thinks it will take another three years to finish the job. He estimates it's cost him about $1 million so far.

He said, “As a father of ten, I felt it was my God-given responsibility to prepare if something should happen.”