Beyonce Music Video Shoot Leaves Woman Stuck on Wonder Wheel

Coney Island exploded with excitement when Beyoncé showed up to film her new music video, but not everyone was overjoyed. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Beyoncé's fans screamed with joy as the superstar took over New York's Coney Island.

She climbed on board some of the iconic rides to film scenes for a new music video. The crowd went wild as she braved the wooden Cyclone roller coaster. 

But not everyone was thrilled by Beyoncé's appearance.

Doris Hone was reduced to tears when she got stuck high in the sky on a ferris wheel called the Wonder Wheel. The ride stopped for 30 minutes as a team of make-up artists touched up Beyoncé's hair and makeup leaving Hone, who's afraid of heights, dangling 150 feet in the air.

Hone told INSIDE EDITION, "I had this eerie feeling. When am I going to get off? Am I going to get off? Please, God, this isn't happening."

The 47-year-old New York mom says she screamed for help, but no one could hear her above the piercing screams of Beyoncé's fans.

"I was petrified in fear," she said.

A photographer snapped a picture of Hone when she finally got off the ride, her makeup smudged as tears streamed down her face.

Hone said, "When I got down, I was like, what a joke. It's a shoot for a video, and here I am up here in fear."

Hone says nobody cared that she was all shook up. She was simply asked to leave. Now, she wants an apology from Beyoncé, who seemed oblivious to the chaos her video shoot caused.

"I do blame Beyoncé. She could have said something. I want an apology," said Hone.