Dina Lohan Arrested

Dina Lohan was arrested in Long Island for allegedly driving drunk and speeding. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Just when it seems Lindsay Lohan was getting her life in order, now, her mom's in trouble with the law.  Dina Lohan was busted in Long Island, New York Thursday night for allegedly driving drunk and for speeding.

Police say she had twice the legal limit of alcohol in her system.

Ex-husband Michael Lohan told INSIDE EDITION he is not surprised, "When people drink often, they do have an alcohol problem."

In fact, it was just two days ago that Dina and Michael appeared together on the new show, The Test.  Michael did not hold back and accused her of more than just drinking too much.

He said, “She's an alcoholic she drinks every day. I did not abuse her, she abused herself by drinking and doing cocaine with our daughter.”

Dina fired back and said, “I do cocaine?”

Michael responded, “Yes  Dina you are a liar.”

Michael told INSIDE EDITION, "As the show depicted, I took the test for drug and alcohol and Dina didn't."

Many people though Dina was under the influence when she taped an interview with Dr. Phil. She even flipped the bird to TV's No.1 talk show host. Dina claims she was sober during the interview.

Michael has been arrested numerous times dating back to the 90's and we're all familiar with the parade of mug shots starring Lindsay over the years. Now, it seems it is Dina's turn to join the family tradition.

Michael said, "In a way it could be a good thing. Maybe it will put Dina in a better place and get help."