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7 Items That May Help You Beat The Summer Heat

Summer heat
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Here is a selection of items to help ease the heat.

Extreme heat has struck the nation in recent weeks, specifically across Western states, and more all-time high temperatures are expected to follow. Las Vegas saw a spike in temperature to nearly 117 degrees this last weekend and Northwest states were hit with the hottest heat wave since 2015, according to USA Today.

The blistering weather is expected to ease down but summer will continue to rage on.

So if you want to stay cool here are a selection of items to help you ease the heat.

Cooling Vest


Strap on a cooling vest powered by 96 ice cubes to bring down your body temperature during some of the hottest days to come this summer. Designed for comfort and functionality, this versatile vest is lightweight and machine washable.

Spa Day Ice Masks


Save some cash, turn off your A.C. and soak in this ice face mask for a few minutes. What a perfect way to end your day?


Hand Held Fan


This portable fan is perfect if you're on-the-go, riding public transit, or just sick and tired of your A.C. bills racking up.

Inflatable Pool


This inflatable pool is for those blistering hot days where you can't manage to move from the couch. Enjoy even a few minutes or an entire day without ever having to leave your property. Avoid the energy it takes to pack up for a beach day, and bring the body of water to your doorstep. It's designed to be convenient and safe for the entire family.


Water Balloons


Keep the kids busy with this 100-pack of water balloons. They seal on their own, so you save yourself the hassle of those complicated knots. Safe for ages 3 and up. 


Collapsible Cooler Bag


This is a must-have item that should be found in every home. Perfect for a roadtrip with friends, a BBQ, or beach picnic. This collapsible cooler can hold 24 Liters, with two side pockets for storing drinks and even umbrellas.


YETI Cooler


A cooler-on-wheels. What more could you ask for? This is perfect for the toughest of terrains and solid single-piece tires that are puncture-resistant.