7-Year-Old Who Was Asked if She Believed in Santa by President Trump Still Thinks He's Real

Collman Lloyd said she still believes in Santa even after speaking to the president.

The little girl who was asked by President Trump if she still believed in Santa Claus was "shocked" to speak to the president. 

Collman Lloyd, 7, of Lexington, South Carolina, called the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) on Christmas Eve to find out where Santa was. NORAD has tracked Santa for the past six decades, following his sleigh around the world. 

"[The man on the phone] said, 'Instead of getting a special scientist to do it, how about the president?'" she told WRDW.

Trump asked: "Are you still a believer in Santa?” She replied: "Yes sir."

But then things took a strange turn. 

“Because at 7, that’s marginal, right?” Trump went on. 

Collman said she didn't know what "marginal" meant but agreed with Trump. "Yes sir," she said. 

Collman was undeterred by the president's question. That night, she left out milk and cookies, and woke up to gifts under the tree the next morning. 

"Santa is real after all," she said.