Lindsay Lohan's Half-Sister Has Surgery To Look Like Lindsay

INSIDE EDITION was with Ashley Horn, the half-sister of Lindsay Lohan, as she went under-the-knife to look more like her famous sister.

Ashley Horn is the half-sister of Lindsay Lohan and she longs to be a star just like her famous sister. But you won't believe the unusual step she's willing to take to reach her goal.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “I am having surgery to look more like Lindsay.”

That's right, the 18-year-old from Montana is going under the knife to have four procedures, which she hopes, will make her look just like Lindsay.

Ashley is the love child of Michael Lohan and former girlfriend Kristi Horn. Lindsay didn't know Ashley growing up and from the sounds of things has not welcomed her with open arms.

Ashley said, “She made a statement in the press, I believe, where she said that she found the whole my mom and Michael and me being the result was disgusting.”
Despite those hurtful words, Ashley heads to Dr. Franklin Rose in Houston, Texas, to look more like her big sister.

As Ashley was wheeled into surgery, she gave our cameras a wave.

The operation started with the doctor removing fat from Ashley’s rear and face. Dr. Rose used that fat to inject into Ashley’s chin and cheekbones. Then he removed the bump from her nose and shortened it.

Will she like her new look?   

INSIDE EDITION checked back two weeks later as she's getting her hair colored to match Lindsay’s.

Ashley was flaunting her new appearance in a bikini photo shoot and paid a visit to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. She said, “Hopefully one day, soon enough, I will have my name here.”

It will take three months for the swelling to go down.

The bump on her nose is gone and for the new InTouch magazine out Friday, Ashley posed for a glamour shots showing her softer features obtained by the nose job and liposuction performed under her cheeks, chin and around her jaw line.

She's already looking more like her famous sister. She said, "I am completely happy."