Football Losers Do Not Lose Hope

A Texas high school football team isn't giving up in the face of defeat, even as one parent complained they were being bullied, by losing. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The Western Hills Cougars from Fort Worth, Texas just might be the bravest football team in America.

The team took to the field last night in the wake of a mind-numbing 91-to-0 clobbering the week before. The defeat at the hands of a rival high school was stunning.

One of the player's parents actually filed a complaint about the winning team's coaches, saying, "We all witnessed bullying firsthand. It is not a pretty sight." This complaint received lots of national attention.

Even Cougar fans were happy when the complaint was dismissed.

One football fan said, "It's football! I mean, when you get your butt kicked, you get your butt kicked, and that's all there is to it."

Now, the big question on everyone's mind was: could the Cougars make a respectable showing after the shellacking they took the week before?

During a recent game, the Cougars’ opponents from Arlington Heights High School scored repeatedly. It seemed as if there were more people on the field than there were in the stands. But this time, the Cougars got on the scoreboard! In the end, they lost by a far more respectable score of 56-to-17.

Remember, there's always next week for these young men.