Crime Doesn't Pay For The Stupid

INSIDE EDITION takes a look at some of the dumbest criminal moves ever.

She's like a lot of teenagers who take to the internet to share big news. But in this case, her exciting news is she just robbed a bank. She even displays a large wad of cash. And get this—she has the nerve to write a note to her mom calling it the best day of her life.

Michelle Tan, Sr. Editor of People magazine talked to INSIDE EDITION about the new issue, which features dumb criminals, on newsstands today.

Tan said, "It's one thing, obviously, to pull off a crime. But it's another thing to go ahead post a video celebrating all that you've accomplished on YouTube. This is something that went viral and quickly incriminated Hannah."

Nineteen-year-old Hannah Sabata joins a long list of dim-witted knuckleheads, like some from Iowa who didn't have the smarts to wear disguises. Instead, the guys drew masks and beards on their faces with magic markers. Charges against them were later dropped for lack of evidence.

Selfies were taken by 19-year-old DuPree Johnson of Florida. A Lake Worth, Florida, police officer thought the gold cross Johnson was wearing looked familiar. Cops obtained a search warrant and found a quarter million dollars worth of stolen jewelry in Johnson's house. He pled not guilty.

When police in Rosenberg, Texas went on Facebook asking for help tracking down a thief, they got  this response: "Catch me if you can." It came from the suspect. And yes, he was stupid enough to use his own name.

The next post came from cops: "Rolando Lozano, we caught you five minutes after you posted this." Loranzo says he is innocent.

Tan told INSIDE EDITION, "It's one thing to pull of a crime, but it's another thing to actually go ahead and share evidence, postings on Facebook, taunt police officers. This is something that you kind of just have to wonder what were they thinking?"

But Hannah Sabata really takes the prize for world's dumbest criminal. She's now serving 10-to-20 years for bank robbery. Who's happy now, Hannah?