Photo Of Homeless Man Leads To Reunion With Family

After a photo of a homeless man appeared in USA Today, his family would stop at nothing to find him and bring him home. INSIDE EDITION has the remarkable story.

A homeless man was wrapped in a blanket, huddled over a steam grate for warmth. An A.P. photograph of that scene was used on the front page of USA Today about the arctic weather across America and now, it has led to an amazing reunion.

Family members recognized the near-frozen man as 20-year-old Nick Simmons, who disappeared from his home near Rochester, New York, on New Year’s Day. His family had been searching desperately for him.

His mom contacted Natalie DiBlasio, the USA Today reporter whose name appeared on the story.

DiBlasio told INSIDE EDITION, “She burst into tears and said, ‘The photo on the front of USA Today, that’s my son’ and she got so emotional!”

She helped put Nick's mom in touch with A.P. photographer Jacquelyn Martin, who photographed Nick and four other homeless men trying to stay warm near the U.S. Capitol.

Martin said, "She wanted to know if he had eaten, that was the first question. 'How does he seem? Is he eating? Does he look hurt? What can you can tell me?'"

Washington D.C. police found Nick and took him to the hospital. 

Nick's sister, Hannah, tweeted the photographer: “You saved our family. Thank you so much.”

He is lucky to be found 400 miles from home. He could have frozen to death.

Nick's mom, Michelle, said, "Nick is alive, but obviously not well. His family will get him home, loved and cared for and healthy again. I am beyond able to put into words how I am feeling."