Will Viewers Come Back To Ratings Winners?

Ratings hits Duck Dynasty and American Idol are returning tonight, but will viewers come back? INSIDE EDITION takes a look.

The beards are back! Duck Dynasty returns Wednesday night with the premiere of Season Five and the family patriarch, Phil Robertson, whose suspension from the show for making anti-gay comments lasted just nine days, is very much part of the action.

He's featured in the previews having fun with his grandchildren. But how will the scandal affect the ratings?

Leigh Weingus, TV Editor of The Huffington Post told INSIDE EDITION, "When there's outrage, it brings a lot of publicity to a show. So, honestly, I think that when it comes back people will probably be tuning into it more."

And American Idol is also back tonight for its 13th season. The show has been revamped after a disappointing season last year, with new judge Harry Connick Jr. joining the returning Keith Urban. Jennifer Lopez is also back after taking a year off.

This time around there will be fewer awful auditions, and contestants are allowed to bring along an instrument.

Weingus said, "I think that that will hopefully, initially, bring a boost in ratings. I don't know if it will last. That depends on how great it really is."