Life Imitates Art With Intrigue In The Sky

INSIDE EDITION takes a look at some of the thrilling films that brought our attention to the sky.

Liam Neeson's airplane thriller, Non-Stop is a big hit at the box office. Neeson's movie, in which he plays a Federal Air Marshal, is just the latest in a long line of popular thrillers that take place on board planes.

Kevin Fallon, entertainment reporter of The Daily Beast told INSIDE EDITION, "We love to go to the movies to see our biggest fears take place on screen. I think all of us, everytime we board an airplane, think something bad is going to happen."

Remember the 1970 drama Airport? Dean Martin played a pilot trying to stop a suicide bomber from blowing up a Boeing 707.

In 1992, Wesley Snipes was Passenger 57, an anti-terrorism expert whose flight is hijacked. The film catapulted Snipes into an action star.

Air Force One was a huge hit in 1997. Harrison Ford was the President of the United States, out to stop Russian hijackers.

Two airline thrillers came out in 2005. Flight Plan, starring Jodie Foster as a mom whose child vanishes at 30,000 feet, and Redeye starring Rachel McAdams, who discovers to her horror that the man sitting next to her on a redeye flight to Miami is a terrorist.

Then there was the TV series Lost, and the supernatural 1995 miniseries The Langoliers, based on the Stephen King story about a small group of passengers who wake up to find that their fellow passengers have simply vanished.

Now, as the world waits for news about missing Flight 370, the fascination with airplanes in the movies is certain to grow.

"That tinge of fear will only make airplane movies more popular in the future," said Fallon.