8-Year-Old Impressively Signs Carrie Underwood's 'Champion'

Savannah, 8, was born with moderate to severe hearing loss but comes from a deaf family and has always loved music. 

One fierce 8-year-old signed Carrie Underwood’s single “Champion” in a touching moment caught on camera

Savannah, 8, was born with moderate-to-severe hearing loss but comes from a deaf family and has always loved music. 

“Savannah has really grown up listening to music and signing with her mom so on this day she had asked if I would record her,” Savannah’s dad, Richard Dahan, told InsideEdition.com via an interpreter.

“Because the captioning was on the TV with the song, I realized how impactful that she was able to really communicate that message.”

Dahan posted the video to his Facebook page and the messages began to pour in.

“People that have contacted us and reached out, saying that they felt inspired and impacted and they’ve talked about their own struggles and I feel in many ways it almost crosses cultural lines because the captioning is there for the deaf community and then there’s ASL and then there’s also music for the people that can hear as well,” the dad said.

He added that he is super proud of his little girl.

“I am happy to see her and how she can impact the world and just using her language,” Dahan added.