80-Year-Old Man's Older Brother Saves Him From Gunpoint Robbery

The crime was caught on camera Wednesday in Indianapolis.

An 80-year-old Indianapolis man who was mugged at gunpoint Wednesday was saved by his older brother.

The octogenarian's 85-year-old brother stepped in to foil the robbery, which was all caught on video.

"He said, ‘Give me your money. This is a stick-up. This is real life.’ Man, I ain’t got no money. I just got out of the hospital," the unidentified victim told KTRK.

Surveillance footage from the scene shows a man wearing a gray hoodie spinning around and pulling a gun on a man with a cane.

In the video, the suspect is seen reaching into the man’s pockets to steal his money. That's when the victim’s older brother jumps into action.

"I started hollering and then my brother heard me hollering and then he came and he hit him up across the head,” the victim said.

The man’s 85-year-old brother took a wrench from his vehicle and knocked the suspect down, causing him to drop the mere three dollars cops say he'd taken from the victim.

“He hit him on the head with that wrench," the victim said. "He went down. That wrench made him give up everything."

The suspect then ran, still clutching his gun.