Peacocks Chase Down Thief as He Makes Off With Their Feathered Friend

Don't mess with the peacocks.

A group of peacocks flocked to the aid of their feathered friend that cops say was abducted from a Florida yard where they all live.

The Miami Police Department has released surveillance footage from the Coconut Grove home of resident Virginia Jasper, which they say shows a man boosting the bird in a scene not unlike a Wile E. Coyote cartoon.

The footage appears to show the suspect parking his truck in front of Jasper's home before walking toward the driveway and in the direction of the elegant birds, WSVN reported.

The suspect can be seen chasing and grabbing at, unsuccessfully, several of the peacocks in an apparent madcap attempt to swipe one that the birds managed to avoid.

Eventually, a peacock winds up in the alleged thief's arms. But as he makes his way toward his truck, the rest of the birds give chase because... apparently these guys stick together.

Sadly, at least for now, they've lost a friend. Jasper showed reporters the bloody tail feathers that were left behind.

"He came onto my property, he went onto my porch, very disturbing," Jasper said. "All the other peacocks, they ran behind him."