Woman in Custody After Throwing a Shoe at Hillary Clinton

INSIDE EDITION reports on a shoe being thrown at Hillary Clinton during a speech in Las Vegas by a woman who was hauled out by security.

INSIDE EDITION is learning more about the woman who threw a shoe at Hillary Clinton.

It happened as Clinton was giving a speech to a waste management group in Las Vegas. Clinton quickly responded asking, "What was that? A bat? Is that someone throwing something at me? My goodness, I didn't know solid waste management was that controversial!"   

The woman has been identified as Alison Michelle Ernst. She's 36 years old, from Arizona, and she's a brunette.

Hear From a Witness That Saw Everything Go Down

Fortunately Clinton was not hit, but the shoe came at her with real speed. She had a shocked reaction as she ducked. 

The woman who threw the shoe also hurled papers in the air. She held her hands up like she knew she would be arrested and was rushed out of the hall. The papers were labeled as being from the U.S. Defense Department dated 1967 and referred to a U.S. Operation in Bolivia called Project Cynthia.  

She wore flip flops and a blonde wig as she was being led away. Reporters followed her out of the hall.

The incident is reminding many people of the notorious shoe-throwing attack on President Bush in 2008 in Baghdad. Bush impressed everyone with his quick reflexes. Throwing a shoe at someone is seen as a major insult in the Middle East. 

As for Clinton, people are praising her for showing a lot of composure. She continued on with her speech without further incident. She even got in a little dig at the woman who missed her and joked,  "Thank goodness she didn't play softball like I did."