Jodie Foster Marries In Secret Wedding

Jodie Foster was married to Alexandra Hedison in a secret wedding over the weekend. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Jodie Foster has tied the knot in a secret wedding!

Her wife is actress and photographer Alexandra Hedison, who once dated Ellen DeGeneres.

Fifty-one-year-old Foster has two sons from a previous longterm relationship, 15-year-old Charles and 12-year-old Kit.

Foster's sexuality is an open secret in Hollywood. Although she's never officially come out, she hinted at her lifestyle in this famous Golden Globes speech last year, in which she thanked her ex-girlfriend, saying, "My heroic co-parent. My ex-partner in love but righteous soul sister in life. My confessor, ski buddy, consigliere, most-beloved BFF of 20 years, Cydney Bernard."

She and Hedison have been dating for almost a year. The marriage took place over the weekend.