Burger King Baby Reunites With Mother

INSIDE EDITION was there as the infant that became known around the country as "Burger King Baby" reunites with her mother, 27 years later.

It was an emotional embrace between a mom and her long lost daughter after 27 years apart.

Katheryn DePrill became known across America as the “Burger King Baby,” abandoned in the bathroom of a Burger King when she was just two hours old back in 1986.

She said, “I never thought we would ever be sitting here. I actually started to prepare myself not to find her.”

Now a mother of three, Katheryn posted a picture on her Facebook page last month holding a message that reads: "Looking for my birth mother. She abandoned me in the Burger King bathroom only hours old. Please help me find her by sharing my post. Maybe she will see this. Thank you."

The appeal went viral and now, the mother who abandoned her in a Burger King in Allentown, Pennsylvania, all those years ago has decided to come forward.

Cathy Pochek has a remarkable story to tell.  She was just 16 years old when she became pregnant.

“At 16, I was on a family vacation in a different country and I was raped and did not know that I was pregnant. I kept the rape to myself, didn't tell my parents, didn't tell anyone,” she said.

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She gave birth to Katheryn alone in her bedroom. She says she chose Burger King because she was certain someone would find her. She re-lived the moment she left her baby in the bathroom.  

“I gave her a kiss on the forehead. It was the hardest thing I ever did and walked away,” she said.

Incredibly, Katheryn says she's grateful she wasn't just tossed in the trash.

Katheryn said, “Thank you so much for not throwing me away.”

Cathy said, “Just couldn't do it.”

“I'm so thankful that you didn't throw me away,” said Katheryn.

When Katheryn started looking for her biological mom on Facebook, she didn't know that Cathy had already launched her own search.

Then she saw her daughter's face on TV, saying, “I saw the picture and i just knew that it was my daughter.”

The moment they first met is one neither will ever forget.  

Katheryn said, “She hugged me and didn't let go and we started talking like we had known each other. We talked and talked and talked.”

Now, Cathy is getting used to being a grandmother and getting to know the baby she left behind in a Burger King bathroom 27 years ago.