83% of Managers Have Reprimanded Employees for Tech Issues: Survey

Zoom on laptop and phoneZoom on laptop and phone
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According to a recent survey on leadership responses to technical issues on Zoom, the researchers found that a majority of bosses blame their employees for the glitches.

A survey shows that several members of leadership find Zoom issues a fireable offense.

A recent assessment done by Wakefield Research, commissioned by the workplace collaboration company Vyopta, assessed results from 200 managers that worked within companies of 500 or more employees.

Ninety-one percent of the survey participants reported their employees experiencing technical issues such as poor internet connection, frozen screens, audio problems, or showing up late to a meeting due to any number of glitches.

The researchers found that some of these hiccups can directly affect business, and found that 42% of supervisors blamed their employees for the issues experienced.

As a result, the surveyed management responded to the glitches with reprimands ranging from an employee no longer being allowed to steer a meeting to a loss of their employment. 

One out of four managers within the survey pool have fired one of their workers for technical issues, and around 83% of these leaders have opted to take disciplinary action in other ways, including removal from projects.

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