Rep. Tom Emmer Appears Upside Down During Zoom House Committee Meeting

Rep.Tom Emmer accidentally upside-down during virtual meeting

During Wednesday's House Committee meeting, Rep. Tom Emmer was asked if he was doing a headstand while another member inquired if he was “OK?”

The Minnesota congressman was actually OK and, no, he was not doing a handstand, even if he looked like he was. Emmer was actually having some technical issues in that moment and was apparently seen upside down during his video conference, and one of the latest people caught in a Zoom mishap that has gone viral.

Emmer, who had been discussing the topic of job security during COVID-19 during the virtual House Financial Services meeting, was a bit distracting to fellow members, The New York Post reported.

“You’re upside down, Tom,”someone pointed out.

Another person yelled out: “You’re going viral, Tom!” 

Emmer, who knew he was upside down, didn’t appear out-of-sorts when the Committee Chairwoman Rep. Maxine Waters of California asked him what was going on, he replied, “I don’t know how to fix that," the Post reported. 

"I appreciate your patience, Madam Chair," Emmer said, adding that "I don't know what happened, it just came out this way -- I turned it off and I turned it back on," CNN reported. 

The issue was soon resolved and Emmer appeared back in working order. The day's event actually spurred one hearing participant to reference a recent video snafu during  a virtual court proceeding in Texas as the lawyer appeared on screen as a cat.

Emmer showed he was a good sport and later posted on his Twitter a screenshot of himself upside-down and the comment: “I'm not a cat” in reference to the Texas incident. His post has garnered nearly 1,500 likes. Some of the responses were from people pulling out some of their best cat photos.

One person wrote, “I am also not a cat.” 

“You misspelled bat,” said another.

And someone cleverly posted an image of Will Ferrell in the film anchorman stating his famous one-liner. “We are laughing.” 


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