Dr. Phil Goes Head-To-Head With V. Stiviano

The woman who brought down Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano, got an earful from Dr. Phil on his show. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

V. Stiviano is the women behind the Donald Sterling scandal and now, she is getting an earful from Dr Phil.  

Dr. Phil told her on his show, “I mean you are roller skating in a welder's helmet in front of the paparazzi?"

She said, "We all have different ways of coping."

He replied, "You say you were covering the pain, but I look at these pictures. I live in Hollywood. I know how it works. I see you on roller skates in those Daisy Dukes cut-offs with a color-coordinated welder's mask to match your jacket out roller skating in front of the paparazzi. That doesn't look like pain to me. That looks like attention getting behavior to me.”

Stiviano gave back as good as she got.

She said, “You tell me since you know how things work? Should I have been crying? Should I have hidden? Done drugs? You tell me. I used the mask. I used the mask. I used the mask. I used the visor, as you called a welding mask."

The release of tapes that Stiviano made of Sterling’s racist rants led the NBA to ban the Clippers owner from the team for life.