'The Bachelor' Villain Courtney Robertson Tells All in New Book

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Courtney Robertson to discuss her new tell-all book, which reveals behind-the-scenes details from her time on The Bachelor.

Courtney Robertson may be the most-hated woman ever to win The Bachelor.

Robertson told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret, "I had people telling me, 'I'd wish you'd die.' Like, death threats. It doesn't make you feel good."

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She threw herself at bachelor Ben Flajnik from day one, steamrolling the other girls by skinny dipping with Ben when the others weren't around.

"You kind of forget the cameras are there. It's weird," said Robertson.

Now, she has written a sizzling tell-all book, I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends: Confessions of a Reality Show Villain.  

Millions watched as Ben proposed to her in a romantic setting in the Swiss Alps in 2012. And that skinny dipping scene? In the book, Robertson reveals: "Yes, Ben and I did have sex in the ocean."

She told Moret, "I looked at it as an opportunity to see if he had a wild side because I was worried that maybe he was a little boring and I want to be with someone who is spontaneous."

She also writes about another steamy session in the fantasy suite: "We were completely alone for the first time ever. We immediately ripped each other's clothes off."

Moret asked, "Did you love Ben?"

"Yes. I fell in love with him and I really wanted it to work," she replied.

"Did he break your heart?" asked Moret.

She said, "The whole situation broke my heart."

Robertson says appearing on The Bachelor looking for love and fame backfired. She had a successful modeling career which was destroyed by the hostile reaction to her.

"That was the most painful part for me, was my career taking a poo poo," said Robertson.

Their romance fizzled just months after the show aired. She was even photographed returning his engagement ring to the store. 

Moret asked, "Do you think that the airing of the show poisoned your relationship with Ben?"

"Yes, absolutely," she said.

Ben is speaking out about the book today, saying: "It's sad. A new low, even for Courtney. I don't have any interest in reliving the nightmare."