Knife-Wielding Man Wanted to Kill Michael Strahan

Security outside the Good Morning America studios stopped a knife-wielding man who reportedly said he was there to kill Michael Strahan. INSIDE EDITION reports.  

Michael Strahan was all smiles on Good Morning America today, looking unphased after a threat to his life from a man who showed up at the studio armed with a knife.

The scary incident happened outside ABC's studios in the heart of Times Square. While Michael Strahan was inside taping Good Morning America, a twenty-five-year-old homeless man approached the entrance wielding a knife and demanded that security let him into the studio.

Police sources said the man, identified as Andre Johnson, said he wanted to kill Michael Strahan.

In images posted on the New York Daily News' website, Johnson is seen being detained by police just moments after the attack. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the suspect was detained by police.

An ABC spokesperson said, "It was a scary situation but thanks to the fast actions of the NYPD the situation was quickly under control."  

Strahan finished Good Morning America, and then headed to his morning show with Kelly Ripa. He wasn't told about the alleged threat on his life until later in the afternoon.