Cruise Ship Overboard Investigation

It's a story that gripped the nation. A young newlywed couple was on their honeymoon aboard a cruise ship when the groom vanished. George Smith's body was never found and his parents have never given up trying to find out what happened to their son. No

"I waited 9 long years. I want you to step forward. I want you to tell the truth of what happened to my son, because if you don't you will be haunted for the rest of your life by the smith family."

It's a gripping message from a mother who desperately needs to know what happened to her son.

Maureen Smith, along with her husband and daughter, are offering a big reward, $100,000 leading to the killer of George Smith, who they believe was thrown overboard during his honeymoon cruise.

In their wedding video, first broadcast exclusively by INSIDE EDITION, 26-year old George and his beautiful new bride, Jennifer are seen dancing at their lavish Rhode Island nuptials nine years ago, in the summer of 2005.

Right after the dream wedding, they boarded Royal Caribbean's "Brilliance of the Seas" for a Mediterranean cruise. The newlyweds shared a romantic kiss and waved goodbye. No one could have predicted the tragedy that was about to befall them.

“He was on top of the world.  He had it all. And then it was just wiped out,” said Maureen Smith.

Their storybook marriage came to a horrifying end when George vanished after a long night of drinking with four young men the couple had met on the ship. All that remained was a gruesome stain of blood on a canopy directly below the newlywed's cabin. His family believes George was thrown off his balcony and washed out to sea. His body has never been found.

Attorney Mike Jones, who represents George's parents and sister, says, at first, investigators were suspicious of the new bride. Witnesses say the couple had been fighting before George disappeared, and Jennifer was passed out from booze in a corridor far from her cabin the night George died. Questioned by police, she said she couldn't remember much of anything, but denied any wrongdoing and she's never been charged.

Investigators soon turned their attention to those four young men George and Jennifer had been partying with. Three of them were Russian Americans from Brooklyn, New York. The fourth was a college student from California.

In home video taken on board the ship and first seen on 48 Hours, all four swear innocence.  They say they helped a drunken George Smith to his cabin and then left him to sleep it off, saying, "After we dropped him off….we closed the door, we never saw him again. End of story. End of story. Never saw him again."

Attorney Mike Jones believes those four men may hold the key to unlocking the mystery of George's death. A fellow passenger who heard loud noises coming from George's cabin saw only three of the four men leaving the cabin.

"We think the fourth person stayed behind and whatever happened to George the fourth person was responsible for," said Jones.

All four men still maintain their innocence. Now, the FBI has brought in a new team of investigators to take a fresh look at the case. And George's family members are so desperate for answers, they're announcing that they're ready to pay $100,000 to the person who turns the killer in.

"We need for people to see your show and to call our hotline and tell us what they know about George's disappearance. Please, please… for George's soul to rest in peace," said Maureen.

If you have information that may help solve this case, the Smith family is asking that you call 1-844-651-1936 or email or go to the Facebook page

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