'Look At My New Dress' Post Gets Alleged Shoplifter Arrested

A store owner says he saw a woman shoplift a dress and turned to social media, leading cops to her door. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

This dress is hot, in more ways than one!

The story begins in the small town of West Frankfort, Illinois where Kert Williams noticed something fishy in his clothing store.

"I seen a girl walking out of the store. She didn't have the clothing in a bag," said Williams.

Surveillance cameras caught the woman red-handed. She checked out a leopard-pattern dress, then casually walked out with it!

Williams ran after her, but she was gone. That's when he decided to throw the book at her...the Facebook!

"What she got was a very distinct leopard-colored dress. I posted it on Facebook. 'If anybody sees this dress let me know. Contact me, message me, call me. And that's exactly what happened," explained Williams.

But what happened next is the real shocker. The woman, identified as Danielle Saxton, posted a photo of herself on her Facebook page with the caption, "Love my dress."

Williams elaborated, "When I saw that picture on Facebook, it was just bizarre! Couldn't believe it! She stole it at 3:15, 3:30. She took it. By 6:30 she'd posted it on Facebook as her profile picture. That's why cops were able to zero in on her."

Saxton is charged with misdemeanor retail theft, and has her day in court next month. The man she allegedly stole from has this to say about her Facebook folly.

"It was just dumb," said Williams.