Fifty Shades of Reaction Over Steamy Movie Trailer

It's only the trailer for the movie, but it's getting a lot of buzz. INSIDE EDITION gets reaction to the steamy peek of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Whoever heard of reviews for a movie trailer?

Believe it or not, that's what's happening to the just-released preview for the eagerly-awaited Fifty Shades of Grey.

The reviewers just couldn't wait for the full movie! The New York Post asks: "Where's the heat?" adding that "little sexual chemistry" is evident between the two stars, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

On the other side of the world, a reviewer for the London Telegraph says the trailer is "about as arousing as week-old meat loaf." Ouch!

On the Today show, the stars took a deadpan approach to all the fuss. When asked, "Is there real chemistry between you?", they both shook their heads, "no."

The movie is based on the trilogy of novels that has become a worldwide phenomenon. One hundred million copies have been sold. It's estimated that 16 percent of American women have read at least one of the books.

One watchdog group, the Parents Television Council, is not pleased with the trailer, calling it "mommy porn," and saying, "sexual violence is basically what this movie is promoting."

The group Morality In Media says, "A warning to the women lining up to see this film: there is nothing empowering about whips and chains or humiliation and torture."

Will the film be as graphic as the book? Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the trailer got thumbs-up from people we asked. One woman said, "I thought it was pretty good. Very racy! Kind of got your heart pumping, if you know what I mean."

Another woman said, "It was awesome! Every girl is excited about it!"

And a lot of guys are excited, too. One man standing next to his wife told INSIDE EDITION, "It looks very interesting. I'll probably see it. I'll just tell my wife I'm going out for milk."

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