Playing With Fire, Literally, In Dangerous Fire Challenge Trend

INSIDE EDITION reports on a disturbing and dangerous new trend called the"fire challenge", where teenagers actually light themselves on fire and videotape the entire scene.  

It's called "The Fire Challenge," a troubling new trend where kids pour rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover all over their body, then light themselves on fire.

Videos of the crazy stunt are burning up YouTube. One thrill-seeking kid actually set his bathroom on fire.

Fourteen-year-old Michael Symonette has to wear a bandage around his waist after suffering second degree burns from the fire challenge.  Before the accident, Michael had actually watched fire challenge videos online with his sister Victoria and mom Stephanie. 

INSIDE EDITION’S Les Trent spoke to Michael and his mother, Stephanie.

Trent asked Stephanie,  “Did you say to them, 'Don’t' be a knucklehead, don't try this?' "

Stephanie replied, “Yes, I did.”

Trent then asked Michael, “Did you listen?"

Michael said, “No.”

“Why?” Trent continued.

Michael said, “Because I wanted to try it.”

His sister actually dared him to do it, leading Trent to ask her, "Victoria, what were you thinking?”

Victoria said, “I don't know. I just thought it was going to be funny."

“There's nothing funny about setting your little brother on fire,” Trent said.

Victoria replied, “I know, I didn't think he was going to get hurt. “

Dr. Michael L. Cooper, Director of the Staten Island University Hospital burn unit says fire is nothing to play with.

“This is one of the most dangerous things anyone could do. Flame burns, or burns caused by fire tend to be some of the deepest burns that we see.  This game should not be attempted by anyone," said Dr. Cooper.