87-Year-Old New York Woman Gets Traffic Ticket After Running Over Another Elderly Woman, Who Later Died: Cops

Elderly Woman Gets Traffic Ticket For Running Over Elderly Woman Who Died
Maryann Delfino, 83, died in September, one day after she was hit by a car in a parking lot, authorities said.Getty/Stock

An 87-year-old New York woman issued traffic ticket after running over an 83-year-old woman in a parking lot, authorities said.

An 87-year-old New York woman has been issued a traffic ticket after she backed into an 83-year-old who was walking in a parking lot, authorities said.

Filomena Marchioli was trying to park in a handicapped spot in September when she hit an unoccupied vehicle, according to Ontario Sheriff's Department deputies. Marchioli then put the vehicle in reverse and ran over Maryann Delfino at "a high rate of speed," authorities said.

Delfino had been walking behind Marchioli's car when she was struck, deputies said.

She died the next day from her injuries, authorities said.

Both elderly women lived in Fairport, which is south of Rochester in upstate New York.

Marchioli was ticketed this week for unsafe backing, authorities said.

She has not entered a plea for the citation, according to local reports.

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